New Video: Make You Feel My Love

Besides recording my own music, I also like to pay tribute to my idols by interpreting their songs. Not only do I hope these songs will be sung and played for generations to come because they are so beautiful, I also learn a lot each time I work on them. And oh, how much there is to learn from Bob Dylan! His lyrics are full of poetry and yet his language is as so clear. The pure and precious melodies go straight into your heart. 


"Make You Feel My Love" was written by Bob Dylan and appeared on his album „Time Out of Mind“ (1997). It was first released, however, in a version recorded by Billy Joel earlier that year. Many great artists have sung the song since, among them Garth Brook (1998) and Adele (2008) whose versions both landed the song in the charts again.


This video was shot at our home studio in October 2018. 

Vocals: Leonie Will (Leo Will) Keys: James Allen Simpson Jr

Leonie Will discovered by Angelo Kelly

Undercover Boss - Celebrity Special (RTL)

Recently aired again and therefore once again current news: 


Wow, what a surprise! I thought, I was supposed to take hobby musician "Matthew Bradley" by the hand, give him insights to the reality of the music business and help him decide if he wants to make this passion his occupation. And then he takes off his beard and wig and is ANGELO KELLY! When on top of that, he revealed that he would help me to finance my album and be my mentor, I could not believe my blessing!

Leo Will Angelo Kelly Promi Undercover Boss Illustration Newsletter
Left: Angelo Kelly as "Matthew Bradley", Middle: Leonie Will, Right: Angelo Kelly – Illustration: Leonie Will

Read more about my version of events in my newsletter issue (German) and find some personal illustrations by me. :-)

New Year Reception at Eastgate Berlin

Leonie Will (Leo Will) Live Band Berlin Marzahn
Leonie Will & Band im Eastgate Berlin

Snacks, Conversation & Good mUsic

On Januar 14th, leaders of the local economy and politics as well as representatives of culture, media and clubs met for the annual New Year Reception that is traditionally hosted by the district authority, the shopping center Eastgate and the Marzahn-Hellersdorfer Wirtschaftskreis (MHWK). We were there to provide releaxing and (literally) moving background music for the network.

What Are You Doing New Year's Eve

2018, December 31st in Constance (Review)

To all visitors of my website, I wish you a happy new year and hope you had a good start!


Myself, I had the pleasure to provide the music for the sold out 47° New Year's Gala in Constance with my Live Band. After the reception with relaxed Soul & Jazz in the lobby and a 5 course gala menu at Restaurant Friedrichs with a Bodensee view, we played dance music with hits from the past decades until today.


Many thanks to my musicians, the Ganter Hotel and our sweet audience! 

Commendation as "Top Professional"

Quality CERTIFICATION by Check24

"Dear Ms. Will, you belong to the best of your field. We reward your service with the Top Profi label (...)."


Of course I was very happy to read these lines! Many thanks to Germany's most famous comparison portal (according to a survey, 93 % of the German online users know Check24) for this beautiful quality mark in the shape of a golden honeycomb! 

Advent Special between Bentley & Rolls Royce

2018, December 6th in Dresden (Review)

On "Nikolaus Day", our Christmas Spirit found itself surrounded by Aston Martin, Bentley, Ferrari, Maserati und Rolls Royce – the Thomas Exclusive Cars GmbH in Radebeul (Dresden) offered their customers an Advent Special with fresh waffles and crèpes, a cozy couch corner with living room atmosphere and a fine mix of Soul, Jazz, Pop und Christmas Classics from Leonie Will & James Simpson!

Leonie Will zu Gast bei Onita Boone

2018, November 26th in Cologne (Review)

Every last Monday of the month, the amazing singer Onita Boone is hosting the  „VIP-Lounge“ in Cologne with various artists from the international music scene at „Café Noa“ (Mastrichter Straße). Here, „VIP “ is not short for „Very Important Person“, but stands for „Voices in Perfection“. The Live-Band "Unusual Suspects" provides the singers with a full sound of outstanding quality. In November I was able to join the group again for the Motown Theme Night and had a blast! 

Fine Arts & Music in Böblingen

2018, November 17th in Böblingen (Review)

For the "Long Night of the Museums" in Böblingen, the Galerie Kulturnetzwerk Blaues Haus had booked us for a special program: my father Wolfgang Stratmann opened  his new exhibition "Next Door To The Blues" (11/17 until 12/31) while my band and I were playing both  original songs of mine and classics that match the theme of the evening. The house was packed all night  and we will return with a full concert next year!

Soul Kitchen - Gourmet & Music

2018, October 27th in Oberhof (Review)

SOLD OUT. We like to hear the sound of that! Before, in between and after four delicious courses by gourmet chef Martin Rául Hofmann at the restaurant Vergißmeinnicht in Oberhof James and I had the pleasure of playing a diverse live duo programme for the "Soul Kitchen" theme night. It was a total success!

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