LIVE Trailer: Leo Will & Band (2016)

These are some snippets from out concert at the Marlene (Hannover) in summer 2016. There are original songs in German and English as well as some covers!

Ausschnitte vom Konzert in der Marlene

1. HE AIN'T YOU music and lyrics by Leo Will 

2. STUN ME music and lyrics by Leo Will 

3. IN DEINER WELT music and lyrics by Leo Will 

4. BRIDGE OVER TROUBLED WATER music and lyrics by Paul Simon, arr. inspired by Aretha Franklin 

5. FOR ALL WE KNOW music by J. Fred Coots, lyrics by Sam M. Lewis, arr. inspired by Donny Hathaway & Roberta Flack 

6. STRAIGHTEN UP & FLY RIGHT music and lyrics by Nat King Cole and Irving Mills 

7. ZWEI GESICHTER music and lyrics by Leo Will 

8. DISAPPEAR IN THE SMOKE music and lyrics by Leo Will 

9. I WISH I KNEW HOW IT WOULD FEE TO BE FREE music and lyrics Billy Taylor and Dick Dallas

Vocals: Leo Will Bass: Hervé Jeanne Drums/MD: James Simpson Guitar: Mo Jonas Keys: Robert Kesternich 

Video: Andreas Barkhoff Audio: James Simpson Datum: 29.09.2016

Make You Feel My Love (Duo Version)

„Make You Feel My Love“ was written by Bob Dylan in 1997. It was first released as a recording by Billy Joel and then later on Dylan's album „Time Out of Mind“. In 2008, Adele published a new version of the song which was again very successful. Our video was recorded in our home studio as a tribute to the great songwriter in October 2018.

Home Studio Production

Komposition/Text: Bob Dylan (1997)

Vocals: Leo Will Keys: James Simpson 

Recording: James Simpson Datum:03.10.18

LIVE Snippet: I'm just a lucky so and so (2017)

This is a snippet from our performance for the audience of Pressoway Coffee at the Cospudener Lake near Leipzig. "I'm just a lucky so and so" is a popular Jazz Standard by Duke Ellington and Mack David. 

Snippet from Concert at Pressoway

Komposition: Duke Ellington Text: Mack David

Vocals: Leo Will Keys: James Simpson Saxophone: Alberto Menendez

Video: Stanley Becker Datum: 23.06.17

LIVE Snippet: Ain't Nobody (2016)

This is a snippet from our performance at the Marlene (Hannover) in summer 2016. "Ain't Nobody" is one of the most popular songs by the group Rufus with singer  Chaka Khan and an absolute party classic!

Snippet from Concert at Marlene

Komposition/Text: Hawk Wolinski Original version: Rufus & Chaka Khan (1983)

Vocals: Leo Will Bass: Hervé Jeanne Schlagzeug/MD: James Simpson Gitarre: Mo Jonas Keyboard: Robert Kesternich

Kamera: Andreas Barkhoff Datum: 29.09.2016

LIVE Snippet: No. 72 (2016)

This is a snippet from our performance at the Ihmerauschen (Hannover) in january 2016. 

"No. 72" ist one of my original songs and will surely be found on my album, too! :-)

Snippet from Concert at Ihmerauschen

Komposition/Text: Leo Will 

Vocals: Leo Will Drums: James Simpson Bass: Johannes Keller Keys: Ruben Dietze

Video: Marco Heggen Datum: 26.01.16

Musikvideo: Luftschloss oder Wohin (2014)

This is my very first single! Only a few months after my first performance as a solo artist, the internationally successful percussionist Nené Vásquez invited me to record the song at his studio. 



Since this production, I have learned a lot about singing, performing and producing and my music started going in another direction. For a while, I had taken this video off the net, but now it is online again to provide a "look back". Thank you to all the people that trusted in me for this pre-debut and worked so hard with me to get it out!

Komposition/Text: Leo Will 

Vocals: Leo Will Drums: Stephan Emig Bass: Johannes Keller Accordeon: Laszlo Gulyas Tres Cubano: Roberto Pita

Music Production: Nené Vasquez, Leo Will Mix & Mastering: Chipi Cacheda, Estudio Cara B, Cádiz (ES)

Video Recording: Vita Voth, Timo Staaks, Philipp Kaufhold Video Editing: Vita Voth 

Release: 28.05.14

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